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A hand-painted 2D Parallax Background in HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Please don't forget to credit if you're using this background.

It's free to use in both personal and commercial projects, but I'd highly appreciate if you could support me by donating! :)

Customer support email: digitalmoonsstudio@gmail.com
Discord: @rrous#3448

Unity parallax tutorial by 'I Create My Games'

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(12 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Moons
GenrePlatformer, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Endless, Fantasy, Hand-drawn, nature, parallax


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Parallax Forest Background (Seamless).zip 5 MB


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I'm looking for art I can use both in my games and maybe for a few novels can I use this for the cover art of a Written Novel?

Can I use this assest pack for my game? I want to sell it but dont want to make any mistakes

Yes, you can use this background for your personal or commercial games :)

the game im creating using some of your graphics, come check it out. The Rise - for Android

Thank you for sharing this beautiful background!

Thank you!

Hi, do you take on projects by any chance? I'm looking for a designer to help me with my game and I love this pack as well as the other hand painted pack you released. I reached out to you on Discord, so maybe that would be best?

Hi! I don't take projects or commissions at the moment, I'm just making assets as a hobby. But thanks for asking, I'm happy to hear that you like my art! Good luck with your project

Hello, incredible background. Are Free ??? I WILL OBVIOUSLY MENTION YOU IN THE CREDITS

It's free to use

I wanna ask. It s ok if i publish a game completely made of free assets?(i just made the logic of the game) I acctually made a CREDITS section. 

Hi! First of all, good luck with your game. To your question: It depends, if you use the assets that I've made it's ok. Different artists have different rules with their art, you should ask them directly if you are unsure.

Ok. Thank you for the answer!

Hello, beautiful background! 

As a fellow artist I've always wanted to create parallax backgrounds, are they basically just layered images that move at different speeds? 

Anyways, beautiful work. Giving this a download!


Thanks! Yeah that's pretty much it, when you are drawing them just make sure that all layers are the same size so it's easier for the programmer to navigate them. Also remember to make each layer seamless if you are creating parallax effect so it will loop beautifully, imo the easiest way to make a layer seamless is to duplicate it, flip it horizontally and to erase all but a little bit from the side, then merge it to the original layer. These might be obvious tips but maybe they'll help!

Thanks for the reply and tips, they definitely help a lot! I'm going to try and make my first parallax background using these tips :D

Hello @digialmoons,

I seriously love this background! I am creating a YouTube tutorial on how to create a parallax effect in Unity and I'm using yours as well as someone else's background. I will of course credit your work in the video description.

Now I'm wondering if I would be allowed to upload a Unity project including your artwork to GitHub so everyone can start with the same setup and follow along easily. The readme file would of course credit your work as well.

Kind regards

Hello! Sounds like a fun and helpful project, you can upload it there


Awesome, thanks!

If you're interested in the videos: 

I watched your videos and they were great, you explained everything well and clearly! I linked the first video of your series to the description of this asset, if it's not okay I'll remove it

That's not just ok, it's great :) 

Thanks alot!

¿Puedo usarlo comercialmente? y también con que nombre le gustaría estar en los créditos. 

Sí, puede usarlo comercialmente. Solo escribe que el fondo está hecho por Digital Moons.
Yes, You can use it commercially. Just write that the background is made by Digital Moons

may I make this pixelated and use it in my freemium mobile games ?

Go ahead, just remember to credit!

will do thank you so much


Hey,man. I use this nice image  in my personal game.

Awesome, thanks!

Commercial use allowed ?

Commercial use is allowed if you remember to credit


Is really beautiful. ¡Nice job!

Thank you!

es un excelente trabajo, lo he estado utilizando en un proyecto personal,  en verdad gracias por un elemento como este, pronto mostrare como queda el proyecto para agrado de todos

Thank you

A very inspiring  work !

I'm looking forward to use this asset in a project !

I'd like to contact you on a personal note, but I could not find any contact informations.

That's nice to hear! Our customer support email is: digitalmoonsstudio@gmail.com

Thank you for pointing that out, I'll add it to the description.